UFC 229

UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor is an upcoming mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that will be held on October 6, 2018 at .

McGregor vs Khabib Live

UFC 229

The event is expected to be headlined by a UFC Lightweight Championship bout between current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former featherweight and lightweightchampion Conor McGregor. McGregor captured the lightweight title at UFC 205, when he was the reigning featherweight champion.The Irishman never defended the title, as he took some time off in 2017 due to the birth of his first son and later venturing himself in a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. (in which he lost).The UFC originally planned an interim title bout between Nurmagomedov and The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santoswelterweight winner Tony Ferguson, but it was canceled due to the Russian having medical issues related to his weight cut on weigh-in day. Ferguson eventually won the interim title at UFC 216 against Kevin Lee.Ferguson was then expected to meet Nurmagomedov at UFC 223, with the winner being crowned the undisputed champion (as McGregor would be stripped of the title as soon as the bout took place). In turn, it was scrapped once again (fourth time) as Ferguson got injured, and after several possibilities for an opponent, Nurmagomedov eventually won the vacant title against Al Iaquinta.That card was also marked by an attack on a bus containing several fighters scheduled to compete at the event (including Nurmagomedov and two teammates), performed by McGregor and his crew

Jussier Formiga was previously scheduled to face Sergio Pettis in January 2017 at UFC Fight Night: Rodríguez vs. Penn. However, Formiga pulled out of the fight for undisclosed reasons.The pairing was rescheduled for this event.

The news for the fight came on the day UFC was marking its silver jubilee. The UFC 229 match is expected to make a difference. Many people have been waiting for that. McGregor who is generally regarded as the Notorious has not fought in that UFC since November two years ego. In the match he performed very well having beating Eddie Alvarez and became the first person to win the two prominent lightweight titles at the same time.However, he could not hold it for long because of his inactivity. The belt was stripped from him. The belt was subsequently handed over to Nurmagomedov after beating Al Iaquinta in a 155lb title. Nurmagomedov a Russian was able to extend his lead in that category by winning in a 26 straight fights.

The match is expected to be watched by a full crowd, because it promises to be historic. The two fighters are set for the epic fight and they are taking that fight serious. Because it is expected to be a full crowd, many people who are looking for the ticket might not be able to get it. This is because of high demand. Already the tickets are on sale. McGregor is coming back and many people are expecting that he performs well. It is a must watch for many people. If you are not able to get the ticket, you do not have anything to lose because BT Sport will televise the match live. This means that you can watch it through various streaming channels.Already the encounter has been described as the biggest grappler in that category. Many are expecting that McGregor could repeat the same feat achieved by MayWeather.

How to Watch UFC 229 Live Online

The fight between McGregor vs Khabib is expected to be watched live by millions of people across the globe. The ticket for the match is available and many people are demanding the ticket. Many people who want the ticket may not get it because of the rush. However, there are various options to watch UFC 229 Live Online. The major broadcaster of the fight is BT Sport. If you are a subscriber of this sport channel, you are ready to watch the match live because it will be beamed to subscribers live. If you are not a subscriber to the channels, there are still options available to you to watch the fight live. These options are paid options and free options.

If you are ready for the paid option, you can as well start from BT Sport. You can start with them today and choose from the various paid packages available at their website. The setup is quick and you can become a subscriber in a matter of fifteen minutes.You can watch it through the UFC live stream. This platform offers you the opportunity to watch all the major titles. Live UFC online will make the events available to all people from all parts of the world. It can also offer you the opportunity to watch other sport events and there are at least one hundred of them available for you this year. You can watch all these at the comfort of your home. If any fight is to take place in South America, North America, Asia as well as Europe, you can watch the fight and other fights aired in that platform.

Apart from that, there are other favorite sports channels that you can watch the fight and they include One Championship, Bellator, Invicta FC as well as World Series of Fighting and MMA PPVs and so on. These channels can offer you the best and they are available in different stream links such as Portuguese and English.These channels can be watched through the internet. Before you can watch it, your system must be able to match the requirements. You must have access to the internet and the internet connection has to be fast.There are different feeds, which you can watch the live events. These events are working on various platforms such as Windows phones, android, iPad, as well as iPhone and so on.It works well on Google chrome and that is why you must keep this browser up to date.

How to UFC 229 Free streaming

Is it possible to watch UFC 229 streaming free? Yes, it is possible to watch it free, but it is one hundred percent illegal. If you are caught, you could be punished for that, because it is against the law. Having said that, you can watch through any of the paid channels and stay safe. Something was said about VPN services. Most of the VPN services offer premium services, this means that you must pay for that before you use the service. When you use a VPN you can have access to any channel, this is because it will seem that you are in an area the service is allowed. If you want to watch it free through the VPN, then you must look for those free VPN services. When you get one, you must know that it will be slow in movement.

Some media sites especially social media sites may bring the fight live to their followers. This can be an incentive or a great way of promoting their services. It will not be easy to discover the media sites that show the fight free, but if you search diligently for that, you can get one. Some of the sites that air the fight free will bombard you with advertisement and this means that you are not going to enjoy the fight in that free channel.

Many people will stream the fight free in such social media sites like YouTube, twitter as well as Facebook and so on. In the same way, Reddit could stream UFC 229 free for its members. The stream is not actually free in the real sense of the word. This is because the person airing the match to social media sites does so through BT Sport channel. This means that they must first subscribe before they can transmit live to you through their social media websites. It is not easy to discover any television channel that will broadcast that big fight free. Sonyliv is one of the stations that can stream that fight free. The only problem is that like other television channels, it is geo restricted. This means that you can access it through VPN service. With this service, it will be easy for you to bypass all geo restrictions that make it impossible for you to watch that fight live in your region.

How to Watch UFC 229 PPV Streaming

Various channels will telecast the live events in different parts of the world. The BT Sport channel will officially telecast the live event. This channel is geo restricted. You cannot get the channels in any area unauthorized to watch it. Because of that, you need to subscribe to a premium service before you can watch the live event. With your VPN, you can watch the fight free in channels like Match TV and Sonyliv. All the other official broadcasters of this fight are paid service, but the payment varies. Depending on the part of the world you are residing, there are specific channels, which you can always tune in to watch the fight live.

If you are residing in the US, you can watch the fight live in BT Sport, which is the official broadcast station. If you do not want to watch it through BT Sport channels, you can choose such other channels like Fox Sports. This station could stream the fight live to all Americans.

In the same vein, fans residing in the UK can always watch UFC 229 live streaming at BT Sports. Those in Japan can head to WOWOW. It is a paid service, and you can enjoy the fight if you are in Japan. Something was said about MatchTV. This streaming service is based in Russia. For those in India, they can watch the fight live in Sonyliv while Globo streaming service is available in Brazil.

Cable remains the most convenient method of watching the streaming channels. There are various channels in the US, which you can use to watch the fight.One of the best television cable channels you can use to watch the fight is the DirectTV. DirectTV has different sports channels where you can watch different programs streamed live. For fans, they can watch the wonderful fight without problems. The only thing is that they need to pay for the service. The payment system is pay per view.Another television station they can watch that fight live is the sling. There is hardly any difference between DirectTV and sling. You have to subscribe before you can use this station to watch the live events.

UFC 229 Live Streaming Channel

As stated earlier the UFC 229 will be streamed live on BT Sport. This is the official broadcast, and that is where the live action will take place. The station has been in existence since 1993 and it has more than millions of subscribers from the country. It has many fans and this cut across the globe. To watch the action it has to be based on Pay per view arrangement. Trying cheap or free alternative may not be easy because it could mean going contrary to the law. Many fans around the world who want to watch that match will not do that based on pay per view arrangement. There are cheap options but you can get these cheap options on the internet. You have to search diligently for that before you can make that discovery.

There are parts of the world where BT Sport channel is not available and PPV is not available in such countries. This means that such countries are already blackout by the BT Sport because they cannot watch the match live unless they do that through other means.

In countries like Germany, USA, Canada, you have to sign up through their websites to view the fight because PPV is highly restricted in those. There are many resources that can assist you watch the fight live legally and without any hindrances.

Moreover, it is possible to stream BT Sport for UFC using your various mobile devices such as Windows, iOs, and android supported mobile devices. Many people have access to the mobile device and they are always available. These are compatible with different BT Sport platform and because of that; you can watch the matches live. With these mobile devices, you can visit BT sport site and download the app. When you download and subscribe for the program, you can begin to watch the live event when it is beamed to you live on October 6th 2018.

If you want to watch it through BT Sport, you should know that the channel is geo restricted. If you are in the UK, you can watch the match live. However, if you reside in other countries where the BT is not possible to subscribe, then you can decide using it through a VPN.

Before you can watch it through VPN, you have to use that platform and you must sign up for it first. You have to sign up by registering for a membership. A VPN service is available in different websites and you can compare and choose the one convenient to you. When you sign up for the platform, you have to download the app and then login through your credentials. Next is to connect to your VPN server. Once there is a connection, you can begin to watch the streaming events as well as UFC online.With this, you can freely watch different UFC streaming fights. However, you should know that you have to pay for the bandwidth as well as for internet connection.

How to Watch UFC 229 outside in USA

BT Sports will show UFC 229 live and this will be beamed live for fans in the US. BT Sport is geo restricted. If you are outside the allowed area, it will not be easy for you to watch the fight. Because of that, there are alternatives for people outside the US to watch such fights live and this is how they can do that.

You can use the VPN service to watch the fight live in your country. With the VPN, it will be easy for you to access the official broadcast channel and stream the fight live in your country. Furthermore, you can use Roku to bypass firewall and watch that fight in your country. Depending on the country of your residence, here are some of the channels you can watch the fight if you reside outside the US and here are some of the channels.

Globo service is available for those in Brazil and neighboring countries. You can head to this channel and watch fight live. If you are India, you can use Soyliv to watch the fight. It is available in India and some other parts of the world. WOWOW is a channel open to the Japanese. In the same way, you can watch it with box cable and BT for those in the UK. BT as you already aware is the official broadcaster of the match.

How to watch UFC 229 through social media channel

Something was said by social media before. If you are looking for easy and affordable way to watch the fight between these fighters, then you have to think of using social media website. Some of the sites that could be streaming the fight such as twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and several others. You can watch the event as it happens because it will be aired to you through the social media sites. Some of these sites will depend on pay per view, but many of them are offering free services as well.


When you talk of the social media sites, your mind will go to Facebook. It is the most prominent media sites. If you have Facebook likes and followers, you can always make money and watch fights through Facebook. Some of your friends may decide to show the fight live and you can watch it live. It does not demand payment if you watch through your friends.


Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites. It is enjoying millions of users. Many fans can stream the fight live and you can watch it through multiple channels on the internet. Many users will like it because it may not cost anything to use this service if you are streaming from friends and followers, it may not cost you anything to watch the fight.

UFC 229 Reddit Stream

Reddit is another site you can watch the fight. It does not matter whether you are in US or any other part of the world you can watch it through special reddit channels.


This is the most popular video channel on the internet today. Hundreds of videos are uploaded here and it is expected that many people could decide to air the video of the match live.

UFC 229 PPV Live Stream

The fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov against Conor McGregor will hold in Las Vegas. This was announced barely two days ago and it will hold of pay per view basis. The fight will be streamed live from the venue, which is the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada in the US.

The event is a lightweight fight and it was announced to commemorate the silver jubilee celebration of the UFC. The organizers expect to earn money through different methods. First is the ticket, which is already on sale. Millions of dollars will be raised here.

Another way of earning money is through the PPV, which stands for pay per view. Irrespective of channels you want to watch the fight, you have to pay before you can even access the service.

UFC 229 Kodi streams

Moreover, there are other channels for fans outside the US to watch the fight. One of them is the kodi channels. Kodi is meant to present the fight for people in other parts of the world outside the US. Kodi does not cover most countries, because you have to depend on the VPN services before you can use Kodi channels to watch the live streamed to you in your home. With Kodi, you can comfortably watch the fight once you have fast access to the internet.

If you want to use Kodi, then you must learn how to use the Kodi addons with this available to stream the fight live to you.Whether you watch the fight through kodi, then you must pay for it because this service is not free. You must watch the fight through a method known as pay per view.There is also the kodi box with which you can use to watch the fight. The benefit of this is that you are not going to use any proxy.

When and where is the UFC 229 PPV Match

The fight comes up on October 6th in T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. The event is supposed to be a lightweight fight. It is attracting a lot of interest in the world because the people involved in the fight were champions.

UFC 229 Date, Venue, Estimated Purse

Date for the fight again is October 6th 2018. The fight will take place in T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada in the US. It is estimated that it will generate millions of dollars and millions of fans will watch it across the globe. The venue will be filled to capacity.

T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is a popular location in Las Vegas when it comes to organizing global events like this. This venue is not new to McGregor. He has fought in the arena before. Even for the Khabib, the venue will not be intimidating because they are used to the crowd.

Buy UFC 229 ticket

The ticket for the match is already on sale. You can buy from any of the authorized dealers. The ticket is available for different categories of viewers including VIP and so on

Final words

UFC 229 live stream on October 6th 2018 in Las Vegas promises to be one of the best sport event in the center this year. The fight means a lot to both fighters because it will settle the issue of what is a champion between them.